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Project Description

WSS List DataSource is a data source control to directly use Windows SharePoint Services Lists as a data source object in ASPX Pages.
You can configure the sharepoint site, list name, where or order by conditions to map your sharepoint data with Databindable components as GridView, DataView, ListBox, etc.

This library is brought to you and CodePlex Community by Olivier Carpentier, .NET and SharePoint consultant at SQLI, leader of e-business (

Current release

Current release Version: v0.8.1.0
Download link:
.Net compatiblity: .Net framework 2.0 or higher
Included items: Binaries/Documentation/Source code


You can download MSDN like documentation as a CHM file here: SQLI.WSS.WebControls.DataSource.chm (Save file on your disk to open it).

Project screenshots

Datasource configuration in Visual Studio .Net:


Configuration of where parameters to retrieve data from SharePoint list:


Configuration of order by parameters:


Generated ASP.Net code in ASPX pages:


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